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Poll: who will win Alabama or VT?

Question by D-MAN: Poll: who will win Alabama or VT? I have two favors ten Point to the person that can tell me who my two favor team will be this Sat? Tex ? who grrrrrrrr never hate them too. Best answer: Answer by ♥Not So Sweet Sassy♥VT is gonna kick Alabama’s azz!!!! Well I […]

What is it like in Vermont?

Question by : What is it like in Vermont? I want to live in Vermont someday. But i dont know much about it. I wanna know what are good areas to live in, what the weather is like, the economy and any other things that are good to know if you are planning on living […]

Anyone from Burlington, VT?

Question by pitbull puppy 707: Anyone from Burlington, VT? Hi there. I’m originally from California and am thinking about moving to Vermont. I like living in CA, but it’s so expensive to live here. I pretty much need a good-paying job if I want to keep living here. How’s the quality of life there? Any […]

Montreal to Burlington vermont?

Question by snowpupy73: Montreal to Burlington vermont? Anyone know which bus company I’d have to use to get from Montreal to Burlington VT? Greyhound doesn’t seem to give a price not sure if they do that route. Best answer: Answer by collapsedscrumVermont Transit. (They are associated with GreyHound) Vermont Transit Lines Bus services within and […]

whos better?? VT hokies or SC gamecocks?

Question by zeroskater: whos better?? VT hokies or SC gamecocks? trying to settle an arguement…. Best answer: Answer by King of ♣VT beat Boston College 19-0 Boston College beat Clemson 16-10 Clemson is beter than South Carolina because Clemson only lost to Auburn 27-24 while South Carolina lost to Auburn 35-27 therefore VT is better […]