VT shootings..why more people need guns?

Question by TB28: VT shootings..why more people need guns?
Tragic event with noone to blame but the psycho who did it, but where I live, there are many people who legally possess and carry concealed firearms. Citizens who are responsible and well trained in their use. Now even with a permit, it is illegal to carry a firearm in places such as schools, but generally speaking it is situations like this that make it more apparent to me that those of us who are responsible and feel the need to should consider carrying a firearm.
Well Nutson, if there were a handful of responsible, armed individuals in an area and a madman started opening fire on everyone, there might just be a pretty quick stop to that now wouldn’t there?
taylor, anyone who has the training necessary to own a carry permit knows full well what to do in the presence of a law enforcement officer. In a situation like this you would approach an officer with your hands in the air and notify that person that you are legally in possession of a concealed firearm.
Dianne …oh heavens!! everyone please keep your firearm at your side, do not attempt to stop this madman, you might hit someone in crossfire..are you SERIOUS? just let the man continue shooting, that’s a better idea.

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Answer by Centurion
Did you notice the shootings that kill many people always occur where the concealed handguns are NOT allowed. Why do you think that is………Hmmmm.

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