What’s going on in Vermont?

Question by one_dog_grinning: What’s going on in Vermont?

I know my “conservative” dupes are going to bark that, Reuters is a “Liberal rag”, but what’s going on in Vermont?
I mean BESIDES Reuters. Maybe we could talk about what’s going on in Vermont.
The link shows that Bush is NOT a pedophile.

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Answer by Elizabeth Howard
Do you mean the fact the the state of Vermont loves pedophiles and lets them walk free? Who cares what Vermont does? It needs to protect its children from these monsters and the judges who protect them before it condemns anyone else.

This whole thing is to divert attention from the fact that Vermont gives it children to pedophiles.

EDIT- I didn’t say Bush was, I was reacting to this from Vermont which proves my point that Vermont has problems that are more important than a few resolutions. This needs to be addressed first.


This judge should be removed from the bench immediately

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